Saturday, September 14, 2013

South Carolina State Bulldogs 32 and Alabama A&M 0

Orangeburg,SC--South Carolina State scores on a 10 play-38 yard drive in 2:34 as Nick Belcher kicks a 33 yard field goal with 10:08 on the clock in the first quarter. The score is South Carolina State 3 and Alabama A&M 0. After Quarterback Brandon Wells of Alabama was intercepted by Defensive back Mason Harris. Running back Justin Taylor scores in a 1 play 15 yard touchdown run. Nick Belcher added the point after the touchdown with 05:18 on the clock. The score is South Carolina State 10 and Alabama A&M 0.Nick Belcher scores after a 6 play -35 yard drive in 2:11 with a 31-yard field goal. The score is South Carolina State 13 and Alabama A&M 0. In the second quarter, Wide receiver Tyler McDonald scores on 72-yard touchdown pass from Quarterback Richard Cue on 3-play 83 yard drive in 0:47 with 6:23 on the clock.The point after the touchdown was good by Nick Belcher. The score is South Carolina State 20 and Alabama A&M 0 at the half. In the third quarter,a bad snap from the 12-yard line of Alabama A&M resulted in a safety with 13:02 on the clock. The safety was credited to Alexander Glover. The score is South Carolina State 22 and Alabama A&M 0. Nick Becher scores a 34-yard field goal with 11:32 in the period.The scoring drive took 6 play-43 yards. The score is South Carolina State 25 and Alabama A&M 0. South Carolina scores on a 12 play-86 yard drive in 3:40 after a fumble by Alabama A&M on a 2-yard touchdown run by Justin Taylor. The point after the touchdown kick by Nick Belcher was good. The score is South Carolina State 32 and Alabama A&M 0. The forth quarter saw South Carolina State dominate Alabama A&M in total offensive plays and yardage with 76 plays and 408 yards. Alabama A&M ran 71 plays and 194 yards. Nick Belcher attempted a 52-yard field goal was no good with 10:52 on the clock. Alabama A&M failed to score with 6:45 on the clock from the 1-yard line. South Carolina State fumbled the football with 5:15 in the quarter.After a Alabama A&M turnover, South Carolina State ran out the clock. The Final score is South Carolina State 32 and Alabma A&M 0. Tonight's attendence was 11, 146.

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